In The Beginning..


My name is Michael.  I am from rural Indiana.  I am a full-time firefighter and work law enforcement part-time.  My love for guns and tactical gear has grown over the past three years.  It all started about three years ago during the purchase of my first AR15.

Two words:  Rockriver Operator.  I immediately fell in love with this rifle from the second that I held it to the first day at the shooting range.  I bought this rifle during the Obama years and the scare of loosing our firearms.  I, like many others, ran out to the local gun store to purchase my AR and ammo.  I paid about $1100 for this gun but I also did my research.  I knew I was getting a quality rifle that would last me a lifetime.  Since my first purchase, I have acquired many different firearms.  From pistols to shotguns, my armory has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Recently, I have been looking for a new hobby.  Although I stay pretty busy at both of my jobs, I have some down time being a firefighter on duty.  I started by reading, a lot.  Online articles shed a lot of light on different opinions and techniques for gunsmithing.  I didn’t know where to start on this journey and this takes us to now.


I am writing this post at the very beginning of this journey to try and shed light for others on gunsmithing and AR builds.  From what everyone says, it is a fun and rewarding hobby.  I want to document each and every step, finding (bad and good) for future enthusiasts.

My knowledge for the parts, tools and lingo is zero to none.  We will learn together as we go, teaching ourselves a very valuable trade in this world.  Any feedback (positive or negative) is very much appreciative, as I am here to learn and teach at the same time.  Together we will build rifles for multiple purposes:  Personal protection, gun range and as a hobby.